In partnership with Salesforce, Huawei, Vodafone and the city of Nice, TM Forum continues our series of enterprise hacks inside our flagship event, TM Forum Live! 2017. Taking place in the coastal city of Nice, France on May 14-16, this event will feature telco Network Services and IoT Services innovation challenges. Our hack delivers an audience like no other, featuring service providers, software developers, architects, product designers, startups and university students from around the globe.

This is an opportunity to learn and build new innovative services, APIs and plugins with a group of likeminded and talented individuals from diverse countries and companies. Leveraging a common underlying platform, hackers will create new potential products and services underpinned by Open APIs in the areas of 5G Network Service, Connected Experience and IoT/Smart City.


  1. Network Service

2. Connected Experience

3. IoT/Smart City

So what does that mean?  Well, when operators expose network services, they can ensure reliability and low latency which are features required for crtical services such as automous cars, flying drones for business cases and many other examples.  Exposing these capabilities in this way is very new and is the backbone of 5G technologies, combined with real city data, IoT technologies and Open APIs this event provides a rich set of capbilities to create new enterprise grade services. 


First Prize: €5000 cash + opportunity to listed in the Salesforce AppExchange + exclusive exposure and networking opportunities at TM Forum Live!

Second Prize: €3000 cash + exclusive exposure and networking opportunities at TM Forum Live!

Third Prize: €1000 cash 

Additonal Prizes: 5 drones will be awarded to the team who creates the best drone app


Hackathon Sponsors


$9,500 in prizes

First Prize, 5,000 Euro

Second Place 3,000 Euro

Third Place: 1,000 Euro

Prize for best Drone application

Each member of this team will receive a drone

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


All those registered for the event can participant 

We are specifically seeking, software developer from service providers, solution vendors and SMEs, IoT & Smart City Application Developers, Architects & product designers, Network Engineers & architects, startups, incubators, university students, UX developers and Business Analysts. 


Please submit your team’s Entry to the location provided on DevPost by 12 noon Tuesday May 15th. Your submission should include:

  • Your App, product or service submission:
    • Title
    • Tagline
    • Description (should be approximately 500 words); 
    • Explanation regarding which APIs you have used which were exposed at the hackathon. 
    • Explanation and links regarding other platform capabilities used 
    • Feedback regarding use of the APIs and platform from the event
    • Screenshots or images, with a maximum size of 5MB. Format should be JPG, PNG or GIF
    • Recommended: A link to a YouTube video of your submission
    • Git Commits:
      • Each team is suggested to commit their new code created during the {open}:hack to a public or private repository on GitHub by 2pm on Mar 16th. 
      • The Git Commit should include all source code of your app including CSS and supporting media
      • If, for whatever reason, your team is unable to submit via Git, then the source should be zipped up and submitted via e-mail within the deadlines to
    • It is not obligatory to submit the full code at the end of the hackathon. It is however, highly recommended to submit the new code created at the hackathon to the open source community and in particular any extensions to the Forum Open APIs which will be used as feedback to the wider industry. 
    • Clearly labeling where the fresh code rule applied and what applications and capabilities existed prior to the hack. 

  • By making the submission, you represent and warrant that:
  • Any code you supply for your entry is yours or your teams to choose to submit and is being submitted in alignment with TM Forum's IPR agreement. 



Dr Lester Thomas

Dr Lester Thomas
Chief IT Systems Architect, Distinguished Engineer, Vodafone

Pierre Gauthier

Pierre Gauthier
Chief API Architect, TM Forum

Karen McAllister

Karen McAllister
Regional Vice President Communications, Salesforce

Helen Zhang

Helen Zhang
Director of Marketing Execution, Software product line, Huawei

Joann O'Brien

Joann O'Brien
VP, APIs & Ecosystems, TM Forum

Judging Criteria

  • Open Hack Nice France Judging Criteria
    Judges are observing for: Best use of APIs and technology Design: Best overall techology design Impact and value to industry or society including feedback on use of the APIs, extensions to the APIs etc. Completeness: How ready is this to deploy?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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